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Ethernet cables are used the worldwide to connect computer systems together. They may also be used to connect computer systems to other devices like printers and scanners. Without having these cables, network capacities will considerably reduce, it might even be difficult to create network connections without them. Generally, Ethernet cables enable computers to share huge amounts of information and also use shared network services.

Ethernet cables are used to transfer data from one computer system or device to another. They are usually used to connect to networks and modems. If you don’t have Wi-Fi capability on your laptop or computer, you’ll need Ethernet cables in other to be connected to the internet. Moreover, some devices in a house entertainment system need Ethernet cables. For instance, if you have an Xbox 360 system and you want to be connected to Xbox Live, you’ll need an Ethernet cable to connect the Xbox to your source of internet.
There are various colors of Ethernet cable available on the marketplace. You may see various colors like black, yellow, red, orange, silver, green, blue, etc. These colors do not mean anything. They are simply used to arrange cables, for instance, if you have many Ethernet cables in a room and you want to pick one, you might easily recognize it with the colors.

The colors may also be used to differentiate between various connections or types of Ethernet cables. In situations where you have several Ethernet cables working all over an area, you can quickly identify which cable is attached to a certain device without having to trace it back. Bear in mind that the color of the Ethernet cable does not mean it is a precise type of cable, all Ethernet cables may appear in different color.
Among the most common Ethernet cables is the 20m long Ethernet cable; it’s used both in telecommunications and for creating computer networks. 20m Ethernet Cables might be used to connect Laptop, Computer, TV or Media Player.

20m Ethernet Cable can be used to:

  • Link the router directly to the computer system
  • Connect personal printers, computers and scanners to the Router
  • Connect from a wall plate (RJ45) to your PC, making it possible for network connection
  • Connect a set of switches; patch panels etc. in a server room
  • Cable a building back to a central position to produce a LAN
  • Connect a satellite device to a router.

In companies, the Ethernet cable has totally become the cabling of choice for the formation of computer networks. Generally 20m Ethernet cable are pre-terminated, you do not need to buy the crimping tool, they can be certain the cable connections are correctly connected and they are of Good quality cables.

In most cases, no matter if it is in the house or in a mid-sized office, 20m Ethernet cable is suitable, With 20m Ethernet cables, you have straight-through cables, which send information straight from one end of the cable to another. 20m cables also have the form of flexibility which makes for good use at home; you may move the cables around far better inside the home, without having fear of breaking or damaging the interior wires of the Ethernet cable. Meanwhile, 20m cable is more generally seen in homes and company settings, because of the durability of the cables. This durability allows the 20m cables to be longer-running cables.

20m Ethernet cable comes in either a solid or stranded model with the solid being stronger and greater for connections over a long-distance. The 20m cable can support around 100 Mbps of Ethernet and up to 328 feet or 100 meters.