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The advancement of technology has brought us the luxury of capturing precious moments in our lives, both still and motion. It has also paved the way for devices that not only record moments for memory’s sake, but also for security purposes.

One may argue that security cameras invade privacy. Yet, one can also list the many benefits of these surveillance systems – they assist parents in keeping an eye on their children, captures evidence of crimes and provide timely notification in emergencies – just to name a few.

So despite the arguments, here are 5 reasons why your home needs a security camera, which you might find very useful.

security camera on phone

1. Mobile surveillance
With smartphones becoming commonplace, many security cameras now offer you access to live feeds at your fingertips. Getting real time footage through your home camera couldn’t get any easier with the plethora of mobile applications available for both Android and iOS.

These nifty applications elevate the benefits of having a surveillance system at home and can be just what you need in unfortunate circumstances – think kidnapping scams and truancy.

nanny cam

2. Monitor children
For the families with children, a surveillance camera plays the role of a never sleeping eye, keeping a close watch on your little ones while you aren’t close by. Be it to make sure that your babysitter is conducting herself professionally or to monitor your children while you’re off at work, a home camera can ensure that you are in the know of your children’s wellbeing.

3. Crime prevention
Never underestimate the degree of deterrence a CCTV camera has. From preventing juvenile crimes to burglary in your home or private property, just the mere presence of a surveillance camera can put off would-be criminals, who would rather go for “easier” targets. If a small investment in a surveillance system can grant you a peace of mind, why not?

4. Visitors
Whether you’ve got pets, guests, or service personnel like plumbers or electricians at home, the assurance of knowing that your home is under your constant surveillance relieves a good degree of stress. With a CCTV camera, you can even schedule the cable guy to install your new satellite TV system when you’re at work, and have complete ease of mind.

5. Delivery Evidence
The Internet is rife with videos and horrible experiences of unethical drivers from various delivery companies. Tossing your packages over the fence, dropping your new TV from their truck. More than that, how many times is your package left on your porch for all to see? Ever find one of your boxes slit open by the tape, that was someone looking to see what it was! Better safe than sorry.