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Identifying The Ideal Access Control Systems for Your Customers

As a security professional, identifying the ideal access control system for your customers requires part customer service and part an understanding of their unique security needs. Within the modern security industry, home and business owners are given a variety of access control systems geared toward different levels of security. To help identify the ideal system, it’s imperative to hold an understanding of modern offerings. Purpose of the Access Control System The most important element to uncover when narrowing the best options for your customer is determining the purpose of the access control system. This conclusion helps accurately identify the ideal system capable of serving the customer needs without over or under-securing the building. In the most fundamental sense, an access control system inhibits entry to unauthorized persons. This means an ACS (Access Control Service) may be found at the front door, at the entrance of a parking garage or any other sensitive area within a home or business. After determining the purpose and location of the security system, you must then determine the level of...
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Using Access Control for Daycare Security

We all worry about our kids, it’s a natural part of life.  Everything we do is about keeping them safe and making a better life for them.  So why don’t we worry about our daycares?  With a few simple steps we can make them more secure and insure that our kids are safer. Access control devices are the standard in many colleges around the world, they are even used in some grade schools.  Why shouldn’t you use access control for daycare?  Before we go into more detail on this though it is important that we understand what exactly an access control device is. An access control device is essentially any device that permits access to an area only to people with the proper clearance.  Access control devices use a wide range of methods to control access from swipe cards, to key fobs, to pin numbers.  Many companies, schools, and even some homes use access control devices in many countries around the world.  A setup can run you anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands...
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