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Design the Perfect Outdoor Speaker System in Just 6 Steps

Outdoor Speaker System
Photo by: www.houzz.com Whether you want to be able to listen to your favorite songs while you float in the pool, to rock out while you work outside in the yard or to liven up your summer barbecues with great tunes, you need the right outdoor speaker system setup if you want to be able to enjoy music to the fullest. Outdoor sound system planning poses special challenges, as outside you don’t have the benefits of walls to reflect sound. Plus, there are birds, crickets, dogs, wind, cars and neighbors making noise that can drown out your sound. Fortunately, you can set up a great outdoor sound system with the right strategy. Follow these tips to get the job done: 1. Decide Where You Want to Focus the Sound. You’ll want to choose a center for your sound system. It could be your patio, your hot tub, a backyard gazebo, your pool area or anyplace else you desire. 2. Make a Triangle of Sound. To determine the best position for your speakers, imagine a triangle...
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