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When you are considering installing a security system in your home or business there is one decision that you will need to make before the system is installed. There are many different components and functions that can be installed along with each system. There are two main types of systems that can be installed and each type will have disadvantages as well as advantages. You have to decide if you will install a hardwired system or a wireless system. Depending on the functionality of the systems as well as when and where your systems in installed will make the final determination of which system is right for you. We will take a look at each type to help you make the correct decision.

A hardwired system has been one of the most common systems in the past. These systems are easily installed if you are in a new construction project. The hardwired system consists of the main control system that is connected to the components of the system through wired connection. Each one of your sensors and cameras have a separate wire that is routed through the walls and attics until they are connected with the control unit. The control unit is also connected to the main keypad with wires also. A hardwired system will also include a connection to the existing phone lines that will be monitored by the security company. These systems are usually less expensive to purchase the components that you will need. One of the drawbacks of a hardwired system is the problem of adding additional components later. It would be a good idea to run extra wires for adding later components while you are installing the system initially.

With the development of electronics over the past few years comes the advancement of wireless technology. Wireless security systems have made it easy to add security systems to the homes that were constructed without any type of security system at all. A wireless system can easily be installed in a home or business without drilling holes in walls and ceiling and running wires throughout the building. Control centers can be added that can communicate a signal to all of the sensors that are placed at windows, doors, security lighting, and other security zones. With many different apps available for smart phones these systems can be controlled and monitored with your smartphone when you are away. It is also easier to add components to this system provided you have purchased a control center that contains more security zone controls than you actually need.

Some systems are also known as hybrid systems because they are both hardwired as well as wireless. Regardless of which type of system you choose there is a system that will fit the needs of any family. You will need to discuss with your family to see which system will fit your needs. Some systems are easy to learn to operate while other systems are more complicated to learn the operation of the systems. Each member of the family will need to be trained to use the system. In today’s society many family members will arrive home at different time and they will need to know how to use the system.