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Many people are interested in automating their homes.  Being able to remotely control your lights, turn on and off your faucet, lock your door when you forget to, and much more are all things you can do with technology today.  The best part?  Despite popular opinion it isn’t expensive.  You can pick up home automation equipment for fairly cheap.  A start kit only costs a couple hundred dollars and a more advanced starter kit only several hundred dollars.

What most people don’t think of when they think home automation is the security aspect that it has.  Your home automation system can be your number one security asset, even above that of your alarm system.  There are many different pieces of equipment that can be hooked up to a home automation system that can help you keep your home secure.  Let’s take a look at some of them.

Video Surveillance/Video Cameras

Video Surveillance for the home

One of the best tools you can get for the security of your home is video surveillance, a lot of alarm systems can use cameras but did you know your home automation system can use cameras too?

A security camera connected to your home automation system can allow you to access video of your home from anywhere.  Not all of them are capable of recording without being configured to do so.  But what they can be set to do is trigger an alarm or trigger live streaming to a device really easily.  If you have more advanced skills you can configure most of them to record.


Did you know that your lights play a big role in the security of your house?  When a potential burglar sees lights on they are more likely to think someone is home and skip that house.  Think about having a lighting system that will trigger your lights down the hall from your door when someone enters.  A potential burglar could see them and think someone was reacting to him breaking in.

With recent improvements to lighting you don’t even need to add extra equipment to your light fixtures.  You can get Philips Hue light bulbs to replace your current light bulbs and through the base station use your phone to control them.  They can even change colors.

Audio/Visual Alarms

honeywell 5800 wave wireless siren

Audio visual alarms are a key piece to any home security system.  They make noise and light when the system is triggered.  Companies are making the same thing for your home automation system.  When certain sensors or tasks trigger these alarms they act just like your home security system.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are just for alarm systems, right?  Wrong.  Motion sensors can do a lot for your home automation system.  Motion sensors can trigger tasks for your home automation system such as turning on appliances and lights.

What they can also do is trigger alarms on the home automation system just like on a regular alarm system.  You can have them strobe lights and set off sirens.  They can also trigger systems like video cameras to send alerts and live streams to remote devices.  This allows you to view an potential home intruder.

Other Sensors

There are many other sensor devices that you can get for your home automation system.  Door detectors allow you to detect when a door or cabinet is open or closed.  Light sensors allow you to detect when light is present.  You can even get noise sensors that will alert you when there is noise above a certain threshold.  All of these devices can be used to pick up potential intruders into your home.  Combine them and you can ensure a very secure home.

 With all of this home automation equipment that can double as a security system, why are you waiting to get a home automation system in your home?  One system can help you prevent crime and make your life easier by taking away simple tasks and automating your home.

Home Automation- the bottom line

It is the future for homes along with businesses. Many people assume that the technology is still new enough where the price is still unaffordable. That is simply not true. It can be had to fit a home budget and we recommend it for any business.