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burglar at a windowIn 2013, there were more than 2,800 property and property-related crimes committed, and over 600 offices and homes that were burglarized – Purely in Indiana alone.

While crime in Indiana is slightly below the national average, there is still a relatively high amount of property crimes and burglaries. A guess can be hazarded as to why – Perhaps properties are not being suitably protected, allowing criminals to think that these properties are easy pickings for them.

Be it a homeowner or tenant, a surveillance system often guarantees assurance that your property’s well protected. A study conducted in 2005 by the Research, Development and Statistics Directorate, which is governed by the Home Office, found that the presence of CCTV systems appeared to show a reduction of crime, and an increase in crime-reporting when crime did occur, helping police to better track, link and investigate related crimes.

Whether you’ve got children at home, or live in a child free home, whether you’ve got guard dogs, or five cats that are waiting to pounce and claw unwitting burglars attempting to enter your property, a CCTV system always enhances your home security.

CCTV systems act as a deterrent to would-be criminals, showing them that the owner is serious about their security. The cameras add an extra layer of complications that would cause criminals to think twice.

Surveillance systems also provide a co-beneficial system for your neighbors and yourself. The same study conducted by the Home Office in 2005 found that with each additional CCTV system installed within close proximity, the effect on reduction of crime was increased. That means that if your neighbors and yourselves all installed CCTV cameras, your area would be even safer than if you had just installed the CCTV yourself. Hey, what do you know, this could even be a chance for some neighborly bonding. After all, if your neighbors can’t watch out for your home, who can?

And if you’re really interested in making your home safer and more secure, don’t forget the automatic alarm systems. These days, alarm systems are becoming smarter and more effective with the help of technology. You have alarm systems for both home and office that feature live video on demand from linked CCTV cameras, garage door notification and control, and even tornado alerts for U.S. and Canadian residents.

A good example is the Honeywell LYNX Touch 5200 – Not only does it protect your house, ensuring the only people who get in are your family members, but it also allows you to remotely control your full security system, thermostats, locks, and even your lighting systems. You can even receive mobile notifications on your smartphone or computer if anything suspicious is detected.