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When you think about a home or business security system, your mind is likely filled with images of high-end cameras, advanced detection technologies and futuristic monitoring centers. While each of these thoughts definitely applies to the majority of home security systems, the heart of any system are its cables. Cables and wiring for the majority of security systems come in a variety of types and styles. Each style has a specific purpose and ability. When you’re first delving into the security industry, the number of available options can be overwhelming. While there are many variables that determine the effectiveness of a security system, purchasing a high-quality cable system is among the most important elements when it comes to establishing your security system.

Construction of the Cable

Regardless of the cable you’re system requires, there is one element that’s universally important – its construction. While there are literally hundreds of different types of cables from a myriad of manufacturers, the quality of its construction and materials determines its overall efficiency. Because there are many different purposes and types of cables, it can become difficult isolating the ideal type.

For an example, let’s take a look at RG59 coaxial cable. While this type of cable is quite similar to a standard coaxial cable, this form showcases how a cable construction can determine its overall efficiency and signal quality. When compared to a standard coaxial cable, the RG59 can be up to four times thicker. This is the direct result of thicker shielding materials, which safeguards the quality and security of its signal. The internal core conductor is larger and its internal insulation is substantially thicker, which helps carry transmissions further than many other types of cables. Regardless of the size of your property, utilizing a cable with thick, solid construction will bring you years of seamless use and efficiency.

While there are many different types of security system cables, the quality of its construction is universally important. Research the various types of products being used within the cable to ensure its of the highest quality. In general, pay attention to what materials are used as the core conductors as well as what’s being used as its insulation materials. Typically, the thicker an installation material, the longer the cable will last. Because you’ll likely not want to replace cables every few years, make sure you purchase durable products.

Its level of durability is even more important should the cable be exposed to the elements, at least in some fashion. As mentioned in the RG59 cable, which features much thicker insulation than standard cables, are capable of being exposed to harsh weather without degrading. Although there are many other elements associated with security system cables, the most important tip to remember is to do your research. Learn what elements make up a durable, long-lasting cable and strive to locate one for your home. While the initial upfront cost may be more, the level of security and longevity is well-worth the price tag. At Midwest Security Supplies, you will only find high quality security system cable. We do not sell the junk cable you find on many discount websites.