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Long Ethernet cables are the cable usually chosen for networking. They are widely-used in both office and home environments. They carry data at rates around 1000mbs and are the best solution over wireless to transmit data between computer systems in most cases. Long Ethernet cables are even utilized in streaming live TV. Increasingly more companies are moving out from physical DVDs and are choosing to stream content instantly to your tv. A frequent question around Ethernet cables is the length and in particular what’s the highest length you may use without dropping quality.

Long Ethernet cables can simply handle data at extent up to 100 meters. In office situations, it is common for the cable to be supplied on a long 300 meter long. Network professional will then splice and join the cable in place. While for home use, most people will go for a ready-made and terminated lead. Purchasing ready-made and terminated cables is much handy for the home user, if a bit more costly. Not everybody is secure making and terminating their own wires and cables.

It is a wise decision to go for a long Ethernet cables if you are using longer runs. If you’re using a cable 30m long, there are chances that your connections might be faster. Expect to pay a bit more for long cables, but bear in mind they worth the extra. An Ethernet cable 30m long may cost about fifteen pounds.

A common question asked of Ethernet cables is how long they can be? The efficient range of this kind of cable is 100 meters. Although there are factors to consider when purchasing a long Ethernet cable, if you want to use your cable outside, maybe to run around the exterior of a house, you need to ask yourself if you require an external cable. Not all cables are ideal for outside use. With a long Ethernet cable it is a good idea to go for a long cable with protection. The extra protection comes in a form of thin layer of aluminum covered around the cables between the inner cable and the outer jacket

When talking of the best and quality cables, there is an idea with the buyers that the cables will work best if only the cables are made longer. However, you will need to think about fact that the cables will be produced and also tested on how they are created or what functions they are been developed. There are assurances from many of the cable producers that longer cable will always work well and also short cables will not perform better. It relies upon the layout and also the quality of the cable that the producer offers and the quality may be tested for the same just before buying.

An additional advantage to purchasing the quality Ethernet cables over the cheap type is that they’re faster in connections. This is as a result of them being expensive. However, If you want to use fast connections in your long Ethernet you need to make sure you buy high quality cables from right companies.

It is essential that you use the right type of long Ethernet cables when applying them to connect your laptops, computers, or even gaming systems to a network, router or modem. The kind of cables that should be used for such work should either be a CAT 5e, CAT 5 or a CAT 6. These are not just long lasting but also are able to handle a high level of band-width moving through them.