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Throughout the past several years, the rate of home invasions and property theft is on the decline. While there may be many reasons for this decrease in burglaries, the adoption of effective home security cameras and alarm systems plays a pivotal role. For years, home security cameras were expensive and generally unavailable to the majority of homeowners; however, times have changed. In our modern society, there are literally hundreds of affordable security cameras capable of thoroughly monitoring the interior and exterior of your home.

Security Cameras | Exploring the Various Camera Types

Although the need of an effective home security camera system may be well-known, many consumers quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. If you’re just starting your search, the most important step is uncover the various types of security cameras. Each camera type features a unique purpose and capability. When researching the various types of security cameras, it’s important to hold an understanding of where the camera will be placed and its primary purpose. With this in mind, you can make a solid decision that may potentially save you, your family and belongings from theft or injury.

Fixed Security Camera

This is perhaps the most common – and inexpensive – type of security camera. A fixed camera is one that is just that, fixed. It does not change direction, zoom or move around. These cameras are ideal for entryways and other areas of your property where advanced-level monitoring is not necessary. An excellent example is the:

Honeywell lHB75H Analog Bullet Camera

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Camera

Just as its name suggests, a pan-tilt-zoom security camera is one capable of following specific objects and adjusting its frame to gather the greatest amount of detail. Depending on the model you purchase, some of these cameras can lock onto a moving object and follow it throughout your property. These cameras can adjust its focus and frame of vision based upon your specific needs. These are ideal for larger properties or for those who want maximum visual coverage. Although these cameras are advanced, they are slightly on the expensive side. An excellent example is the:

Sony 1000 TVL Analog Dome Camera

Wireless Security Cameras

Are you in need of a security camera system, but you don’t wish to experience the cost and hassle of a major camera installation? If so, then a wireless camera system may be your ideal choice. These cameras do not require any wires and run on a series of replaceable batteries. Due to its installation flexibility, it may be placed in any area of the home. Many renters enjoy the ease and flexibility of wireless security cameras as there’s no invasive installation required. These cameras are typically operated via a smartphone or home computer, which provides you with unparalleled monitoring throughout the day and night. An excellent example is the:

4 Channel Honeywell Camera/NVR Kit

Motion Detection Security Cameras

For millions of homeowners, the need of constant video recording and monitoring isn’t necessary; however, this does not mean security cameras should be avoided. Motion detection security cameras only begin recording when they sense movement within the immediate area. This is an excellent alternative to traditional security cameras as you don’t have to sift through hours of useless footage to locate a specific object or person. These cameras are ideal for the exterior of homes or home interior while you’re away at work or vacation. An excellent example is the:

Bosch VTI-4075-V321 Analog Bullet Security Camera