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lan cableWhat is LAN Cable?

LAN cable (local area network cable) is used to network computers or clients together for a home or business network. LAN cables come in many different lengths. They come either with the Ethernet connectors  making a completed LAN cable or in bulk lengths from 50 foot to 1000 foot. In this case, you would need to purchase Ethernet cable connectors and a tool to put them on.

Do not confuse LAN cable with Patch cable. They are not the same and Patch cable will not work where LAN is required.

Buy LAN Cable

As mentioned about we offer high quality cable at an affordable price. We offer pre-made lengths from 1.5 feet to 100ft Ethernet cable. We also offer bulk Ethernet cable of CAT6 and CAT5e up to 1000ft.

Don’t Buy Cheap Ethernet Cable!

bulk lan cableYou can find cheap Ethernet cable all over the internet or even Walmart. Though store bought cable might be okay for small straight line use (computer to router for example), we do not recommend buying from places like Amazon. There are many places that sell cheap Chinese made products and Ethernet cable is no exception. We are not saying being made in China is bad, in fact you can get well made cable from there but, there are a lot of manufactures that make very cheap cables that can hurt or not work well with your equipment. These products break very easy.

We only sell tested and high quality items that can be trusted for small or large commercial jobs.

What is Plenum cable and do I need it?

You can get most if not all networking cable in Plenum. Plenum means that it passes fire regulations and is usually used in walls. If it catches fire, the cable will not let off toxic fumes. It may or may not be required depending on where you are and how you are running your cable. We suggest using Plenum LAN cable when running through walls or ceiling. If you are running directly from computer to routers for home use, it is not needed. If in a commercial building or you want to be extra safe, there is no reason not to use Plenum cabling.

The Bottom Line:

  • LAN cable is the same as Ethernet cable
  • LAN/Ethernet cabling is not the same as Patch cable and will not work correctly
  • We suggest staying away from cheaply made cabling made in a quantity Chinese factory.