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Small Business Surveillance Systems

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Why are small business surveillance systems so important? In the United States, small businesses compose of nearly 99.7 percent of employer firms, which accounts for over half of all jobs. Throughout the past several decades, the American dream of owning your own business has given a myriad of opportunities; however, the increase in small businesses has simultaneously opened a new platform for crime. In fact, information outlined in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research suggests roughly 30 percent of all small business failures may be due to crime.

Small business surveillance systems are not designed to simply catch thieves in the act, but to inhibit the onset of internal theft from employees while simultaneously monitoring employee efficiency and work habits. In our modern society, small businesses require modern surveillance solutions.

An Evolution in Monitoring Capabilities

For years, internal business surveillance consisted of a series of grainy, black-and-white CCTV systems capable of overseeing widespread activity, but incapable of pinpointing small details necessary to catch thieves. Unfortunately, the proliferation of such systems has left millions of small businesses vulnerable as the techniques used by modern criminals (both unknown and employees) have adopted an advanced nature.

Because of this, it’s imperative to stay one step ahead of even the most technological adept criminal via a series of high-resolution security cameras and recording systems.

Small Business Surveillance Systems

When researching surveillance cameras, it’s imperative to choose a system capable of:

  • Identifying intimate details even during low-light situations. Some of the most powerful security cameras feature built-in infrared LEDs, which are capable of producing stunningly clear night vision recording. For example, the Sony 1000 TVL features powerful night vision capabilities, able to capture fine-details within a 65-foot radius.
  • Capable of recording in high-definition. What use is a surveillance system if you’re unable to clearly see identifying details? The most important quality to look for in a security camera is full HD 1080p resolution. Although 400-500 line security cameras are somewhat effective for indoor surveillance, even these systems lack in necessary quality and clarity.
  • Vandal-proof security cameras. The modern criminal is intelligent and knows where to locate your surveillance cameras. It’s not uncommon for a thief to attempt to destroy or deactivate a security camera upon entry. Therefore, it’s imperative to inhibit this activity by installing vandalism-proof security cameras. An example of such a camera is the Sony 800 TVL Camera, which is outfitted in a durable shell that’s impenetrable. Ensuring your security cameras are vandal proof is essential should cameras be placed along low-hanging ceilings or walls.

While these are only a few tips when it comes to safeguarding your small business, they are some of the most important to follow. Remember, as a small business owner you are responsible for ensuring not only the safety of your employees, but also the safety of your future. Professional-quality surveillance systems actively work to prevent and protect what you’ve worked so hard to cultivate.

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