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Whether you’re investigating an RV, or camper, or you’re the proud owner of a Class A Motorhome, there’s one topic that’s universally important – security. Although the majority of modern campers are equipped with built-in security features, such as deadlocks, the need for added security is more than a luxury – it’s a requirement. While you may feel staying in well-lit camping areas may be enough to thwart a burglar, as millions of RV-owners can attest, this is not nearly enough to safeguard your possessions.

Perhaps one of the most effective security measures an RV-owner can do is install a wireless security system. A common misconception regarding these systems is that they’re expensive and difficult to utilize. While this may have been true in previous years, the modern security industry is outfitted with cost-effective and simple wireless systems.

How Common Are RV Burglary?

Thankfully, theft within the RV community is relatively low. This can be attributed to many causes. To start, those who stay in RV resorts or campgrounds are typically side-by-side with fellow RVers. Not only does this cultivate a close sense of community, but due to the size restrictions of most campers, it’s easy to see activity in your neighboring camper. Perhaps the greatest deterrent for camper theft comes down to blending in. Although not a guarantee, an RV community (either short or long-term) generally knows who belongs within their inner circle. A stranger is often met with wary eyes, which is a major deterrent.

While the likelihood of having your camper or RV burglarized is slimmer than a standard homeowner or renter, there are still major vulnerabilities – especially when camping without the protection of fellow RVs.

Many campers have year around spots where they are not there all the time. It is common for thieves to break into campers to steal anything from booze to metals.

Camper Wireless Security Systems

When you’re looking for a wireless security system, you don’t have to search far to find the ideal make and model. In fact, many wireless systems originally designed for homes can be implemented in campers. Due to its wireless specifications, motion detectors and alarms may be installed practically anywhere. While locating options may be simple, identifying the best model for you can be a little more difficult.

There are three primary elements to look for when it comes to identifying the ideal security system for your camper:

1. | Power Source – With campers, you must be mindful of how much power is used by appliances. Because of this, it’s imperative to use a wireless security system that’s powered through internal batteries, and not the primary power source for your RV. With internal power sources, the system is not only self-sufficient, but can be utilized anywhere throughout your camper.

2. | Monitoring Versatility – The versatility in its monitoring capabilities is imperative. There are times when you need motion sensor monitoring while at other times you simply need detection monitoring, such as door and window alarms. Therefore, when seeking out a wireless security system, choose one capable of being adapted to motion sensor and threshold detection sensors.

3. | Monitoring Support – Many wireless security systems simply blast off a loud alarm should its boundaries be breached. While this may be ideal for certain situations, you should consider whether or not you wish the system to be connected to a monitoring center. If you desire monitoring center support, make sure the device you choose comes with this option.

At Midwest Security Supplies, the most popular wireless security systems used for campers are the Honeywell L3000PK which is a basic model perfect for campers and the Honeywell L5200PK 64-ZN LYNX TOUCH which is a more options. We even offer installation in the Cincinnati area.