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Simple Tips to Secure Your Home And Small Business

Small businesses are major targets for online criminals. And as a result of their lack of security systems, small businesses possess the least protected accounts, websites and network systems, making cyber-attack on their business fairly easy. And no doubt, our homes need security cameras against burglary. However, securing your business or home does not have to break the bank. Small Business Security Measures 1. Protect against spyware and virus programs Prevent malicious code by using and installing anti-spyware programs, anti-virus, and firewalls on all your PCs in your business 2. Alarm System Install alarm systems to avoid burglary. There are alarms with sirens and silent alarms, both of which can inform authorities of danger when triggered. 3. Small Business Security Cameras Hang security cameras at the exit and entrance to your business, and also have camera focused at the sales floor. Ensure to use a video recorder, so in case there is a robber you will have a video proof to help identify the person responsible. 4. Use Passwords According to one of the principles...
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Identifying The Ideal Access Control Systems for Your Customers

As a security professional, identifying the ideal access control system for your customers requires part customer service and part an understanding of their unique security needs. Within the modern security industry, home and business owners are given a variety of access control systems geared toward different levels of security. To help identify the ideal system, it’s imperative to hold an understanding of modern offerings. Purpose of the Access Control System The most important element to uncover when narrowing the best options for your customer is determining the purpose of the access control system. This conclusion helps accurately identify the ideal system capable of serving the customer needs without over or under-securing the building. In the most fundamental sense, an access control system inhibits entry to unauthorized persons. This means an ACS (Access Control Service) may be found at the front door, at the entrance of a parking garage or any other sensitive area within a home or business. After determining the purpose and location of the security system, you must then determine the level of...
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Safeguarding Your Future – Small Business Surveillance Systems

Image by: Security Magazine Why are small business surveillance systems so important? In the United States, small businesses compose of nearly 99.7 percent of employer firms, which accounts for over half of all jobs. Throughout the past several decades, the American dream of owning your own business has given a myriad of opportunities; however, the increase in small businesses has simultaneously opened a new platform for crime. In fact, information outlined in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research suggests roughly 30 percent of all small business failures may be due to crime. Small business surveillance systems are not designed to simply catch thieves in the act, but to inhibit the onset of internal theft from employees while simultaneously monitoring employee efficiency and work habits. In our modern society, small businesses require modern surveillance solutions. An Evolution in Monitoring Capabilities For years, internal business surveillance consisted of a series of grainy, black-and-white CCTV systems capable of overseeing widespread activity, but incapable of pinpointing small details necessary to catch thieves. Unfortunately, the proliferation of such systems...
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