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CCTV Remote Access

A remote access server is the computer and associated software that is set up to handle users seeking access to network remotely. Sometimes called a communication server, a remote access server usually includes or is associated with a firewall server to ensure security and a router that can forward the remote access request to another part of the corporate network. A remote access server may include or work with a modem pool manager so that a small group of modems can be shared among a large number of intermittently present remote access users. CCTV Remote Access allows you to access your cameras anytime from anywhere. Let’s say for example your company has several branches worldwide and you want to monitor them with regards wherever you are, with remote access this can be done easily. Most commonly and widely two methods are used for CCTV remote access i.e Port Forwarding and Dynamic DNS. However we are providing our users the proper documentation, how to’s and technical support in configuring remote access for their CCTV system. Port...
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