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What is RG11 CABLE and Features

The RG-11 is a type of cable that has an interior conductor enclosed by a tubular insulating layer and also bounded by a tubular conducting shield. The RG-11 coaxial cabling is the cable that is commonly used for satellites installations and videos. The RG-11 cable is utilized as a transmitting line for rf (radio frequency) signals. Its purposes involve feed-lines connecting radio receivers and transmitters with their antennas, pc network connections, and circulating cable TV signals. One benefits of The RG-11 coaxial over other types of radio cable is that the electro-magnetic field taking the signal exists only in the space between the outer and inner conductors. This enables The RG-11 cables to be set up next to metal objects like gutters without having any power loss that arise in other kinds of cables. The RG-11 Coaxial cable also presents protection of the signal from exterior electro-magnetic interference. The RG-11 is utilized for underground and long drops conduit. RG-11 is developed for external or indoor house wiring. It is implanted with water-blocking gel for use...
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