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Safeguarding Your Future – Small Business Surveillance Systems

Image by: Security Magazine Why are small business surveillance systems so important? In the United States, small businesses compose of nearly 99.7 percent of employer firms, which accounts for over half of all jobs. Throughout the past several decades, the American dream of owning your own business has given a myriad of opportunities; however, the increase in small businesses has simultaneously opened a new platform for crime. In fact, information outlined in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research suggests roughly 30 percent of all small business failures may be due to crime. Small business surveillance systems are not designed to simply catch thieves in the act, but to inhibit the onset of internal theft from employees while simultaneously monitoring employee efficiency and work habits. In our modern society, small businesses require modern surveillance solutions. An Evolution in Monitoring Capabilities For years, internal business surveillance consisted of a series of grainy, black-and-white CCTV systems capable of overseeing widespread activity, but incapable of pinpointing small details necessary to catch thieves. Unfortunately, the proliferation of such systems...
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