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Are you looking to make your home more secure? The Honeywell 5800 alarm system is one of the best in the industry. Not only does it provide security features but it provides safety features to help keep you and your family safe. Best of all? The only installation you have to do is mounting for most of the accessories. All of the parts communicate wirelessly to make it easier on the consumer. Let’s take a look at some off the components that you can connect to the Honeywell 5800 alarm system.

PIR Motion Detectors

wireless home security sensorThere are two main options for PIR motion detectors with the 5800 system. Your first option is the 5800PIR-RES. This is a residential motion detector that has a range of up to 40 feet. It comes with pet immunity. That means that as long as your pet is under 80 pounds it won’t set off the motion detector resulting in less false alarms.

The other option is the 5800PIR which is the full featured version of the above mentioned motion detector. It has no programming for animals and is certified by the ETL and UL to ensure performance and reliability that is unbeatable.

Both options are easy to install and are powered by only a single battery. Not just that but the units can be painted over to match the color scheme of where you are mounting them making them less obvious to visitors.

Door/Window Alarms

HONEYWELL wireless sensor ADEMCO 5816WMWHWhen it comes to ensuring that your doors stay closed there are three options. The most common and easiest to install is the 5816WMWH Wireless Door Window Transmitter. This device works by being mounted on the door and the wall. When the door is opened the magnetic connection between the devices is severed and an alarm is triggered.

Another option is the 5818MNL Recessed Door Transmitter. This alarm works under the same principle, when the magnets are severed the alarm is triggered. What is different is that this device mounts inside your door and door frame so as to be unnoticeable unless looking at the door when it is open.

The last option is the Honeywell Ademco Wireless Recessed Transmitter 5800MICRA. This device is the smallest window transmitter currently in existence. The device is so small you won’t even know it is there. One battery can even power the transmitter for up to 10 years so you won’t have to worry about changing the battery.

Fire Detection

Fire detection is essential in any home. Many countries actually require that smoke detectors be present by law. The 5805W3 Wireless Smoke Heat Detector is the device for the job. Most smoke detectors either detect smoke or heat but this unit is capable of doing both. It is highly tuned to help cut down on the number of false alarms received. Not only will it notify you in the case of a fire but it is capable of alerting you in the case of cold conditions to keep you from freezing.


honeywell 5800 wave wireless sirenNo alarm would be complete without a siren. It is what wakes you up in the case of an emergency or break in but it also lets burglars know that they are not welcome. The Honeywell 5800 Wave Wireless Siren will scare away most burglars with a 95 decibel alarm. The device has a 12 hour battery backup so that you alarm will sound even if the power is out.

This is an important part of your alarm. Having a loud siren will not only scare away intruders, it will also catch the attention of neighbors or someone walking by to possibly get a description.

When the siren, or any of the sensors get triggered, you can be notified on your smart phone as well.


LYNX TOUCH 4.7 DISPLAY With VIDEOWhen it comes to control panels there are two options, both come with a variety of accessories. The main difference is the technology level. The Honeywell Wireless L3000PK is the basic alarm panel similar to any other home. It features physical buttons and a two line display. It is capable of being utilized with an alarm monitoring service or as a standalone alarm, it is up to the user. In case of power failure the L3000PK has a four hour battery backup.

The Honeywell LYNX Touch 5200 Wireless Security system is the high tech and state of the art option to secure your house or apartment. Unlike the above system this one offers a touchscreen panel that makes control and setup a lot more convenient. Just like the above alarm system though this system can either be monitored or used by itself. If you live in the U.S. or Canada you can receive Tornado alarms to help you secure your home sooner so that you have a higher chance of your home being safe. This panel can also connect with home automation accessories that communicate using Z-Wave technology so that you can control anything from your lights to your door locks.

The Honeywell 5800 alarm system is a very versatile system and will serve you well as both a home alarm system and a home automation system.