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Throughout the past several years, the number of residential property crimes has been on the decline. While there are many reasons why this may be the case, perhaps the largest contributing factor is the increase in home security systems. A powerful home alarm system is capable of safeguarding your property from thieves, and while these systems play an integral role in keeping your family and property protected, what else can you do to prevent a robbery?

After installing a home security system, such as one of the many systems offered by Midwest Security Supplies, the real work begins. Continue reading to uncover the top 5 ways to enhance your home security without breaking the bank.

#1 | Install Window Shades

Window shades not only keep your home cool during the warm summer months, but they also effectively block peering eyes from reviewing your property. The most effective shades are those that let a small amount of light shine through. This prevents your home from appearing unoccupied as interior light is still visible without showcasing your valuables.

#2 | Upgrade Your Door and Window Locks

Enhance the security of your home by upgrading door and window locks to the latest models. Although some locks can be quite expensive, even the lower-priced locking mechanisms can provide adequate protection. Remember: purchase a Grade 1 Lock Certificate for all deadbolts, as this is the highest level of lock security.

#3 | Install Light Timers

Perhaps the most effective way to ward off thieves is to create the illusion of being home, even when you’re far away. Install timers on all lights, TVs and radios. Certain home security systems offer this as a built-in option. Discuss this option with one of the security professionals at Midwest Security Supplies.

#4 | Motion Sensor Outdoor Lighting

One of the most obvious signs you are not home is an outdoor light left on throughout the day and night. Adept thieves monitor homes for several days to determine whether the premises is occupied or whether the homeowner is attempting to create an illusion of being home. Motion sensor lights provide ample security as it’s activated by any movement. Thieves are far less likely to invade when a light is shining directly on their movements. Consider placing motion sensor lights in darker areas of your home to further enhance your security.

#5 | Plant Low Thorny Bushes

As a general rule of thumb, make sure all landscaping bushes are trimmed low; especially those close to windows and doors. Thieves are known to hide behind large bushes to secretly peer into windows. To add further security, plant low thorny bushes around the perimeter of your home. These bushes work to deter thieves as its prickly leaves make it impossible to approach windows. However, make sure you regularly prune these bushes to keep them no greater than three-feet off the ground. Consider lining sidewalks and patios with thorny plants so visitors much walk in designated, well-lit, areas. Reducing hiding spots is among the greatest form of prevention.