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Welcome to the Midwest Security Supplies Blog

We would like to welcome you to our new blog. There is not much here yet, but give us a little time! Soon you will find reviews of security and networking gear, tips on using the equipment, user manuals and more! So, who are we? Midwest Security Supplies LLC, is a women owned business owned by two sister in-laws. We are located in Lawrenceburg, Indiana which is just outside if Cincinnati Ohio. Our mission is to supply world class security and networking at the best price possible. To get our customers the supplies they need when they need it. Pretty basic mission, isn’t it? We do not believe in making things more difficult than it needs to be. Our future plans includes doing local installations of security equipment for homes and small business. What type of things do we supply? You will find everything needed to secure your home or business in one place. Above that, we carry nanny cams and other type of “spy”┬ádevices. These include nursery cameras and video systems, camera pens, clocks,...
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