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access control daycareWe all worry about our kids, it’s a natural part of life.  Everything we do is about keeping them safe and making a better life for them.  So why don’t we worry about our daycares?  With a few simple steps we can make them more secure and insure that our kids are safer.

Access control devices are the standard in many colleges around the world, they are even used in some grade schools.  Why shouldn’t you use access control for daycare?  Before we go into more detail on this though it is important that we understand what exactly an access control device is.

An access control device is essentially any device that permits access to an area only to people with the proper clearance.  Access control devices use a wide range of methods to control access from swipe cards, to key fobs, to pin numbers.  Many companies, schools, and even some homes use access control devices in many countries around the world.  A setup can run you anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on how large of a scale you are trying to role out.

Utilizing an access control device or devices has multiple potentials for a daycare from keeping it more secure to keeping it safer for the kids.  The first suggestion is that a daycare seek to employee access control on all of the doors so that whether it be day or night, no one can access the daycare without the employees knowing about it and without being authorized.  For example if someone with criminal thoughts attempts to enter the back door of the daycare they will be greeted with a door that doesn’t have a traditional lock.  If by some means he ends up able to break into the door the lock can be set to sound an alarm.

Having an access control point on the front door would make it so that only people with access can enter the daycare.  This would give parents a warm feeling because they know anyone who is entering is either a parent or an employee.  It may mean that potential daycare users would have to call before interviewing or ring a door bell but it would keep people from walking off the street and into the building.  This is especially helpful in bigger cities that have a large population of mentally ill and homeless individuals who don’t mind walking in any open door.

Having access control would also enable employees to arrive early to setup the daycare without needing a key.  That way there aren’t a bunch of keys walking around that you can’t get back if an employee is let go.  If an employee quits or is let go and you are using access control you can just deactivate their access.

When using a pin number for access control to either an employee door or a customer door it is wise to issue different pin numbers to every person.  Issuing a pin number to a group can create problems.  For example if a parent leaves the daycare and you are using a group pin, they still have access to the daycare.  Same goes with an employee.

So take a step to make your business and those you are charged with watching more secure.  Access control devices are the new standard in security and safety.  They will also give your clients a peace of mind because there is one less thing they have to worry about.