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rg11 cable

The RG-11 is a type of cable that has an interior conductor enclosed by a tubular insulating layer and also bounded by a tubular conducting shield. The RG-11 coaxial cabling is the cable that is commonly used for satellites installations and videos.

The RG-11 cable is utilized as a transmitting line for rf (radio frequency) signals. Its purposes involve feed-lines connecting radio receivers and transmitters with their antennas, pc network connections, and circulating cable TV signals. One benefits of The RG-11 coaxial over other types of radio cable is that the electro-magnetic field taking the signal exists only in the space between the outer and inner conductors. This enables The RG-11 cables to be set up next to metal objects like gutters without having any power loss that arise in other kinds of cables. The RG-11 Coaxial cable also presents protection of the signal from exterior electro-magnetic interference.

The RG-11 is utilized for underground and long drops conduit. RG-11 is developed for external or indoor house wiring. It is implanted with water-blocking gel for use in direct burial or underground conduit. The RG-11 cable is costly and includes a unique Teflon exterior jacket built for use within air flow ducts to match fire codes. It was made since the plastics used as the inner insulation and outer jacket in many cabling allows off poison gas when burnt off.

Features of RG11 Cable

  • Frequency range is about 2150MHz.
  • Impedance is 75 Ohm
  • Center dimension is the largest when compared to other cables
  • Less attenuation compared to the rest.
  • The RG11 cable capacitance is lower than the rest.
  • Generally used for length around 112m (400ft.)
  • Has the maximum weight when compared to the rest.
  • It is the most expensive compared to the rest.

Purchasing quality rg11 is a good idea mainly because it can send all forms of signals like digital video, HDTV, composite video, component video, FM, S-video, and more. Another great reason is the cable’s strong design. If your project needs extra-long connections, RG11 cable can get the job done. Even at ranges around 400 feet, RG11 cable helps to keep a strong signal.

A good choice for your system is RG11 Cables. This 75 ohm cable is tested around 3 GHz frequencies for CATV, TV antenna, HDTV, and video distribution. The RG11 cable is ideal for above ground use only, and is not graded for plenum purposes. Another point to bear in mind is the cable flexibility. RG11 Cable has a wide profile; it does not bend as the other thin cables. RG11 Coaxial Cable is also suitable for those straight line backbone runs.

The cable is ETL, UL and RoHS certified. If you are looking to improve your TV signal quality or internet, you will not go regret purchasing RG11 Cable.