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Throughout the past five years, property crime has significantly dropped. In fact, according to the five year property crime trend, the number of reported property crimes dropped by nearly 1 million cases. It seems the reduction in crime is not only due to better social services, but also an increase in home surveillance and security systems. Although the annual reports of property crime are continuing to decline, this does not mean the need for effective and efficient home security systems is simultaneously dwindling. In order to ensure the safety and security of your home, you must consider adopting a well-planned and effective wireless home security system.

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Why a Wireless Alarm System?

In the most fundamental sense – convenience. Unlike traditional wired systems, which require professional installation and are quite invasive regarding structural changes to your home, wireless alarm systems are simple and incredibly easy to install. It’s not uncommon to save hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in installation costs alone when you choose a wireless system over a wired one. In fact, the majority of wireless systems, such as the Honeywell Lynx Touch Wireless Alarm System, is installed by simply screwing sensors to walls and activating the system.

However, there are far more reasons why a wireless home alarm system is an effective and wise decision for homeowners. Let’s explore a few of these benefits:

Limitation-Free Sensor Placement

Unlike its wired counterpart, wireless sensors may be positioned in practically any location throughout your home. This is especially beneficial for homes with unique architecture. Because the majority of wireless sensors run on batteries, you’re not limited to the reach of a wired network.

Protection During Power Outages

One of the biggest drawbacks to wired alarm systems is if the power to a home is cut off, the alarm system may not be operational. Of course, many wired systems feature backup batteries, yet for millions of homeowners this is a major vulnerability. With wireless security, the entire network is powered by batteries. This means even if power to your home is cut off, the premises remains fully protected. Of course, it’s imperative to choose a system that warns you when its batteries are running low.

Continuous Remote Monitoring

Although there are many advantages of owning a wireless alarm system, the most compelling for many homeowners is the ability to remotely monitor the home. The best wireless systems allow homeowners to access the monitoring control panel remotely. This means being able to activate, deactivate and monitor movement within the home from your smartphone, tablet or computer. This level of monitoring power is imperative for those who travel. Regardless of where you may be, with a wireless home alarm system you’ll never be in the dark regarding the security of your home.

The Bottom Line | Streamlined Security for Powerful Monitoring

In our fast-paced and digital-driven lives, smart home security is imperative. Although there are many well-suited wired home alarms, the simplicity, cost-effectiveness and monitoring capabilities of wireless alarm systems makes it the wisest choice for millions of homeowners.