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Honeywell Lynx Touch 5200 Wireless Security System

According to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) a robbery or break in occurs at a rate of almost every twelve seconds. That is a very high rate and increases your chance of your home or business to a very high rate. The rate will only increase if your home or business is not protected by a security system. If you are involved in a new construction project now is the time to have your building prewired for a security system. A lot of us have older homes that a security system was not considered when they were constructed. Today you can add a security system easily to any home or business easier than ever before. With the development of wireless security systems anyone can benefit from the advantages of a wireless security system.

Easier Installation

A wireless security system is much easier to install because it is just what it proclaims “wireless”. You do not have the hassle of running wires all over the attic and in the walls of your home. Having the possibility to drill holes in walls, ceilings, and cabinets are greatly reduced. It is much easier to place monitors, sensors, and cameras where you need them the most because there are no wires that attaches them to the system. Installation time is also shortened when a minimum amount of wiring is used.

Available to All Property Owners or Renters

There are many people that have second homes such as camps and condos. Wireless security systems make it easy to have a system installed in your second home. Even if you only are renting property for a short time the wireless system would be a great choice because when the renting contract is over you can pack the system up and take it with you wherever you travel.

Less Vulnerability

With a wireless system you are also safer because there are no exposed wires such as phone lines or video cables that can be disabled allowing someone to enter your home or business undetected. In a wired system when the power is lost it will not operate. In a wireless system a battery backup option is available so when the power is lost you are still protected from robbers and looters.

Provides a Whole Home Solution

With the development of security systems of today we can adapt our systems to enable home automation for our homes. Everything form the thermostats that control the temperature in our home to the little stuff like our lighting can be controlled from one control unit. The entire home and security system can be controlled form the same remote, laptop, or tablet. With the integration and development of many smart phone apps our homes ca also be monitored and controlled even while we are away. Wireless security systems are also easier to maintain. When a sensor or camera goes out it will let us know which one has gone bad to help us to replace them quickly and easily.